Marina Abramovic's Pug Counterpart Marina Abramopug Is the Internet At Its Finest — PHOTOS

Marina Abramovic is without a doubt a very talented artist, and I'm sure that documentary about her work and that Museum of Modern Art retrospective, The Artist Is Present, is just as riveting as her art itself. I mean, in 1974, she put on an exhibit in Serbia that consisted of her in front of a table laid out with 72 different items that the public was free to use on her as they pleased, without any interference from her. Items included knives and even a loaded gun because, as she said later, "I had a pistol with bullets in it, my dear. I was ready to die." That's crazy art. BUT. Honestly, if I had to pick between Marina Abramovic and her pug counterpart Marina Abramopug, I would choose Marina Abramopug. JUST LOOK AT THIS LITTLE GUY.

Photos as amazing as this probably don't even need an explanation, but here's one anyway: Marina Abramopug (already Tumblr famous!) was taken to a park in London near an art gallery where she sat on a chair next to a poster for The Artist Is Present Starring Marina Abramopug. That's all. It's art, OK? Her handler, Hannah Ballou, snapped these amazing pictures and posted them to her Twitter, so now the world is blessed. Can Marina Abramopug start touring the world, now?

Check them out below.

Also, added bonus: