Jake Gyllenhaal's New 'Nightcrawler' Trailer Looks Even More Intriguing Than Before — VIDEO

If you weren't excited before to see Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie — even after that first trailer, which was excellent — then here's another chance to get thoroughly jazzed for this movie's release. Nightcrawler has another trailer! And, just like the first trailer, it's pretty great, in addition to jarring, creepy, disconcerting, exciting, and insane. Everything a movie with a title like Nightcrawler should be, right?

In the film (which called for Gyllenhaal to lose a reported 20 pounds, hence the gauntness), Gyllenhaal portrays an unemployed man named Lou who, after searching for a job for ages, takes on a freelance crime reporting gig that takes him into the underbelly of Los Angeles. Obviously, this leads to a lot of trouble, danger, and drama for Lou — as well as makes for an intriguing film. Based off this trailer, even the cinematography has a sort of unsettling beauty, somewhat reminiscent of Nicolas Winding Refn's 2011 masterpiece Drive if it crossed over with Roman Polanski's 1974 film Chinatown and maybe that six-minute tracking shot from True Detective.

You can check out the new trailer, in all it's creepy, creepy glory, below. Nightcrawler is set to hit theaters on October 17, 2014.

Image: Open Road Films