Beyonce Loves Roller Skating So Much, You Guys — PHOTOS

In a rare Flashback Friday post, Queen Bey gave us a glimpse into her fabulous past. Beyonce posted a photo of her 21st birthday invitation to her Instagram, which was apparently '80s skate party themed. Like anyone, I wish I was there so badly. It looks like a pretty amazing time; pictures from the event reveal a roller skate cake and Bey looking fab, as usual, in a personalized crop top.

Apparently, Beyoncé has been a fan of roller skating for a while. There's the video for "Blow" off her latest album, which is primarily set at a skate rink. I imagine it's similar to how her 21st birthday panned out. Apparently, the rink used in the video was one that she and her sister Solange used to skate at when they were young. It's the Funplex in Beyoncé's native Houston, and Bey and Jay Z recently stopped there on the Texas leg of their tour. They treated their crew to a fun night of skating, most of which Beyoncé seemed to spend on the floor.

Roller skating seems like a fitting, slightly fun, slightly cute hobby for Bey. I just hope Blue Ivy owns some tiny roller skates, as well.

Here's the invite we all wish we'd received:

Did the party feature as much coordinated skating as this video? Did Beyoncé enter on a bicycle? I really, really hope so.

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And here she is returned to the Funplex in Houston to skate with her crew. So jealous.

Image: Beyonce/Instagram