Yahoo!'s 'Enlisted' Revival Won't Be Happening & That's Disappointing

Sorry, guys: Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, in this situation, someone's got to be. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox comedy Enlisted is officially dead and won't be receiving a second season like many fans hoped after Yahoo! began showing interest in reviving it similar to Community . Sad face.

This is actually pretty disappointing news, really. Enlisted wasn't perfect and it was always unlikely Yahoo! would pull through, but it was a fairly solid comedy that didn't deserve to be cancelled when Fox axed it last May. It had good intentions, and, I think given more time (in other words, ANOTHER SEASON), it may have done really well quality-wise. After all, the lead cast — with Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell and Parker Young all starring as brothers who are assigned to a rear detachment unit — was great, and most shows' first seasons are shaky at the start, or even for the entire season.

So, what made Yahoo! turn the sitcom down? Apparently, budget concerns, because money ruins everything and simultaneously runs the world. Yahoo! may have saved Community, but above all, it's still a business, and without proof of proper payoff, the incentive wasn't there. Sadly, it also doesn't look like any other networks, televised or web, are interested in picking up the show.

So, RIP for realsies this time, Enlisted. It's been real.

Image: Fox