Rob Lowe Quit 'Parks & Rec' To Escape Co-Star Chris Pratt's Rippling Abs

Well well, what have we here? Some good old fashioned castmate jealousy? Is this what happens when people lose their beer bellies? Rob Lowe is responding to Parks and Recreation castmate Chris Pratt's Marvel rippedness with great aplomb. By which I mean outward jealousy, a little bit of ego, and some credit-stealing.

It all seems to be in jest, of course. Lowe expanded to The Hollywood Reporter on the way his former co-star's change in physique has been wracking him with insecurities:

He got shredded and ripped and he's off to the races, but I also like the Chris Pratt that ate at the Waffle House. By the way, I had to quit Parks and Rec when he had better abs than I did. That was when I was like, 'Look, I'm the guy with the abs on this show. What's going on?'

Goddammit, Chris Pratt, look what you've done!

Another adorable thing came out of that THR interview: Lowe gets all hipster about Pratt, adopting a kind of "I totally knew about him first" attitude. This is also where the credit thievery comes in:

Chris Pratt is the biggest movie star in the world, which I told everybody four years ago was going to be the case. It's been fun to watch him grow and sort of mentor him.

There actually is an episode of Parks and Rec where Lowe's Chris Traeger mentors Pratt's Andy Dwyer in fitness. It doesn't go quite as well as Lowe's painting it, though.

Andy Dwyer can't be tamed.

Images: Tumblr; Imgur