So, Laura Prepon Might Be Staying On 'Orange Is the New Black' After All?

The plot thickens. Though BuzzFeed reported Wednesday that Laura Prepon would only be used in a limited capacity on Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black, Netflix has told revolting fans to hit pause on their anger.

According to E! Online, the streaming service claims that nothing has been decided when it comes to Season 2 of the critically lauded hit. "It's not accurate," says the rep. "Our season is still developing and nothing is confirmed."

So is Prepon staying on the series after all? The actress' rep has yet to respond to Bustle's requests for comment and confirmation, and the actress herself has remained mum on social media.

It's likely fans are hoping E!'s intel is more accurate than BuzzFeed's — the actress' Alex became a fan favorite after popping up on screen in Season 1 as Piper's (Taylor Schilling) ex-girlfriend and the reason she's in prison in the first place.

With that in mind, why would Prepon depart Orange Is the New Black? While some wonder whether the actress is considering other career options, others are speculating Prepon's religion, Scientology, might be behind a decision to depart her role as a lesbian on the popular series.

Still, in previous interviews, Prepon has openly discussed her role as a homosexual on the series, even if she did seem a bit uncomfortable with the prospect of playing the lesbian Alex. When talking to Esquire about a scene that involved heavy eye contact between Prepon and Schilling, the actress said, "I get a little uncomfortable watching it, because I get a little uncomfortable watching stuff I do in general. But this show really does push the envelope. We all do things in it we’ve never done before. I’m a little nervous about it."

Too nervous to return?

Image: Netflix