Dwayne Johnson's 'Hercules' Press Tour Involved Insecurities About His — Um, Rocks — VIDEO

I don't know what the rest of you think of when you think of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but I generally think of the words "beacon of manliness." The Wrestler/Actor/Uber-Man simply emanates masculinity, so this video of The Rock during his Hercules press tour is simply man icing on the man cake, if such a thing exists (I believe it does, and it's at bachelorette parties). I say all of this in jest, because the video below proves that even The Rock gets insecure, as he asks if he looks beautiful. And then, he asks the question that all men must wonder from time to time: how his balls look. (For the record, they look "muy grande.")

As an amateur The Rock historian, my mind immediately jumps to a picture of The Rock that surfaced a few months back, in which he was caught in the '90s wearing a fanny pack (or a "dick satchel," as a Redditor accurately called it at the time), exhibiting his rebellious yet fashionable nature. And then, of course, my mind goes back in time to the Hercules trailer, in which he wears an animal head and shouts "I AM HERCULES!" You keep bein' you, Dwayne Johnson. You stay manly. We smell what The Rock is cookin', and it's testosterone (I sorta-kinda apologize if that sentence makes anyone cringe).

You can check out the video below. It's a funny one.