Teresa Giudice's Ice Bucket Challenge Makes It Seem Like She Forgot About the Whole Jail Thing — VIDEO

You've gotta give Teresa Giudice credit. Even though things may be god-awful for the Real Housewives of New Jersey star, she really doesn't appear to let something like a massive legal snafu get her down. Case in point: Giudice just took on the Ice Bucket Challenge. And, actually, it's rather adorable. Giudice was nominated by a bunch of Real Housewives/Teresa Giudice fans to take on the challenge, and after getting not one, but two buckets of water dumped on her head, she, in turn, nominated four other people — none of them fellow Housewives.

By no means am I a card-carrying "fan" of Giudice's. In fact, I wouldn't even say I'm a non-card-carrying fan of Giudice's. But it sure is impressive the way in which she's been handling herself — in public, of course — since everything came to light about her and her husband. I mean, taking on an Ice Bucket Challenge while smiling when your husband, and possibly you, are a stone's throw away from a prison sentence? Can't be easy! Think what you want of the woman, but let's all at least give her a curtsy for staying positive during this time.

Wanna see Giudice get a bucket of water dumped on her head? Sure you do!

And if this is the most punishment Giudice experiences this year, I'd say she's gotten off pretty easy.