Heidi Klum Twerked On the 2014 Emmys Red Carpet Because Why Not — VIDEO

This is America in 2014, which means it was a virtual inevitability that someone this fated Emmys night would twerk before the night was out. The brave person to take up the task first was one Heidi Klum, who twerked on the red carpet to the delight of E!'s Giuliana Rancic.

Klum, who appeared with fellow Project Runway judge and noted fashion designer Zac Posen, began the twerking process after noticing E!'s new — and weird — Clutch Cam. Klum then commented that what E! really needs now is a Twerk Cam (don't tempt them Heidi! They'll do it!). Then the actual twerking began.

Her twerking was mild in the grand scale of the modern twerk, falling somewhere south of Miley and somewhere north of Helen Mirren. That's probably about the best place Klum could be on that scale, being not quite 69 but not quite 21 either. She's young at heart, though, which is why the world now has the image of her twerkage immortalized in E!'s manicam. One has to think that manicam has seen some wild things in its time.

We've also got the image of Posen trying to get all up on that. This is Klum's moment, Posen, step off.