Lacy and Marcus Have a Matchmaker

Getting to watch Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd's relationship unfold on Bachelor in Paradise, it's easy to see how they could end up engaged after this. While most of the other contestants are grappling with putting all their eggs in one basket or getting to know lots of guys/gals, Lacy and Marcus are in L-O-V-E. Seriously. Marcus dropped the L-word on his date with Lacy during Monday's episode and it didn't even freak her out. Sure, it's only been four weeks, but the pair has been on the same page since, like, week two. Then this week they got a push from Cody Sattler, who vied for Andi's heart alongside Marcus.

Cody entered the Bachelor in Paradise mansion with a shiny date card. But when his date of choice Clare Crawley turned him down, instead of asking another lady out, he handed the card over to Marcus. He is seriously the sweetest, and he should probably be Marcus' best man when he walks down the aisle. After all, the extra date with Lacy could be what allowed them to fall even further for each other. Cody is basically responsible for setting things up for Marcus to drop the L-word. "There's honestly not one thing about you I would change," Marcus told Lacy over their romantic dinner. "I love you for who you are."

Lacy didn't say she loved him back, but confessed later to the cameras that she wanted to so badly, she was just scared. Since the couple is in love already, it makes sense that they could hit engagement mode by the end of the season.

Will Cody end up with someone? Who knows, but at least he can be happy knowing that he was instrumental in another happy couple getting—and staying—together.

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