'Up' If Directed By Michael Bay Is a Flawless Blend of Heartwarming Drama & Explosions — VIDEO

I know you probably have a lot of questions after reading that headline, but, the best advice I can really give you in this situation is: Just watch the clip first, and ask questions later. That's what I did, and it really allowed me to experience just how flawless this mash-up idea really is. See, a genius living amongst us out there in the world decided to mash-up Disney and Pixar's Up and every Michael Bay movie ever, giving us a fairly accurate look (I assume) at what Up would look like if it were directed by Bay. In a sentence, that means all the heartwarming drama and cute moments we loved from Up...countered with a massive amount of explosions, because Michael Bay likes to make things go boom.

The only way this could be more accurate, I think, if is Megan Fox were starring in it alongside Carl and Russell.

In addition to Up scenes (of course), there are also shots from Transformers, and even the coloring of the video has been tweaked to better match Bay's general aesthetic seen in all the films he's affiliated with. It's truly great.

You can check out the video in all its glory below.

MrStratman7 on YouTube

Image: Disney