Latest 'Interstellar' Trailer Proves There's No Avoiding Matthew McConaughey, Even In Outer Space — VIDEO

Missed Matthew McConaughey? That's a silly question. How could you possibly miss the most ubiquitous actor of the past year? He's been everywhere — winning an Oscar, getting nominated for an Emmy, and now his award-winning career revitalization, The McConaissance, has put him in space and on your television in the new trailer for Interstellar. The message here is obvious: you cannot escape the McConnaisance...even when you're in space!

Alright, alright, alright, (SEE? IT'S EVEN INVADED MY DIALOGUE) I'll concede — this movie, which transports McConaughey and Anne Hathaway to space, looks pretty good. Christopher Nolan, the genius mind behind Inception and The Dark Night, at the helm of this beautifully shot space thriller, which chronicles McConaughey as an individual who must save the human race, as he spirals off into space in search of a new place for humanity to live. Here's hoping that this movie utilizes Anne Hathaway as more than just McConaughey's female spaceship sidekick — let's hope it's a man and a woman who are teaming up to save the human race, and not a movie about what happens when all of the living mortals put blind faith in Matthew McConaughey — even though that does sound like a pretty interesting satirical movie ("When The McConaissance Goes Too Far...").

Check it out below, and lest you forget: the McConaissance rages on!

Warner Bros. UK on YouTube

Image: Warner Bros. UK/Youtube