Republicans Want Limbaugh, Hannity To Moderate 2016 Presidential Debates

Republicans are sick and tired of the leftist lamestream media fixing presidential debates in Democrats’ favor, and have dreamed up a two-pronged approach to create a more objective debate environment: First, boycott all networks that give any coverage to popular Democrats; then, get Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh to moderate the debates.

Last week, GOP boss Reince Priebus said that it would be “a very good idea” to have Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, both paragons of objectivity, to moderate the 2016 presidential debates. His underling Sean Spicer agreed, and then today, the Washington Examiner reported that “GOP insiders” want to add Rush Limbaugh to the mix, too.

A bit of backstory: Even before Mitt Romney lost the presidential election, prominent Republicans were voicing concern that the party was holding too many primary debates (20 in total). After the election, the GOP blamed Romney’s defeat in part on the abundance of debates, apparently concluding that the more time voters spend watching Republicans, the less they like them. Mitt Romney’s infamous endorsement of “self-deportation” for immigrants came during a primary debate, when the former governor was attempting to outflank Rick Perry from the right. Needless to say, Romney didn’t win the Hispanic vote.

So, the obvious solution here is drive the debates as far to the right as possible by tapping Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin to moderate them. But while Levin has already agreed to do so if asked, Limbaugh has humbly rejected the offer, explaining that he’s “too famous” and “would overshadow [the candidates].”