Cody Wants Christine & Frankie Out on 'Big Brother,' So Why Didn't He Use the Veto?

With the exception of Nicole, it seems like every time a Big Brother houseguest swears they'll make some big gameplay moves, they back out at the last second and stick with the hive mind of the alliance. Look no further for proof of that than Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother in which HoH Cody contemplated using his Power of Veto to save Donny or Nicole and put up the house's biggest threat, Frankie, or his too-close-for-comfort gal pal Christine. Instead, Cody did what the house wanted (to vote Donny out, sigh) and kept two of the game's least trustworthy players around even longer.

Early in the episode both Cody and Derrick talked about needing to get both Frankie and Christine out of the house sooner than later. While they both agreed that Frankie is a big threat, their argument against Christine was that she wasn't a team player and she'd be undoubtedly vote them out.

Now, let's wait a second here. Christine isn't the most likable player in the house right now (her willingness to jump on the lets-destroy-sweet-Donny train is upsetting, to say the least), but she's most certainly been a team player. In addition to assisting them in trying to throw a competition to get Donny out, she turned on her best friend Nicole and helped in getting her and her strongest ally Hayden out of the house. She may not be a great competition player, but she has been a willing and able puppet.

It's doubtful that Cody kept Christine around because of their eyebrow-raising friendship, or didn't use the Power of Veto to put Frankie up because he wants to respect the alliance. It's because Cody, just like so many other "power players" this season, refuse to shake things up and are feeding directly into what their cohorts want, rather than play for their own game. Because of Cody's unwillingness to make a big, and necessary, move to send Frankie packing, it will more than likely be Donny making an exit on Thursday.

The real shame of Cody's hesitance is that saving Donny would have earned him some major points with fans (America loves Donny, in case you hadn't heard) and that Frankie and/or Christine won't think twice about voting him out. Cody couldn't do more than rave about another CBS show (very subtle advertising for Scorpion , there), when he could have done something far better for the CBS show he's actually on.

Image: CBS