Dita Von Teese Is Much More Than Just A Burlesque Dancer

Designers are dropping one by one — or in Episode 5's case, two by two — in Season 13 of Project Runway , and with only 10 contestants left, things are about to get intense. To help decide who will be going home next, entertainer Dita Von Teese is a guest Runway judge, assisting in picking apart the contestant's creations. (Although we seriously wish they were designing lingerie for their esteemed judge instead of alternative wedding gowns.)

So what does the Queen of Burlesque know about fashion? Well, a lot actually, and her knowledge isn't just confined to bras and panties. Check out what Miss-I-Know-How-To-Wear-The-Shit-Out-Of-Red-Lipstick has up her stylish sleeve.

She has her own "Von Follies" lingerie line

Scott Barbour/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Von Teese has a collection of vintage-inspired lingerie that makes you want travel back in time and show ‘em what you got.

...Which includes a maternity collection

The burlesque dancer created her own line of garments for new mothers that includes everything from functional nursing bras (because motherhood is super sexy too) to “post-partum shaper” panties.

Image: ditavonteese/Instagram

Sassy Sunnies? Yeah, She Sells Those Too

However, if you want a pair of Von Teese’s cat-eye-licious sunglasses, then you better start saving up some cash.

Image: ditavonteese/Instagram

Her Makeup Can Also Be Your Makeup

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Girl’s got an awesome makeup line. Because obviously she was eventually going to have to share her red lipstick with all of us.

She's Got a Killer Runway Strut

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Von Teese is also a model. And man, oh, man does she know how to work the runway.

She dresses exceedingly well (Duh)

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Von Teese’s style has a way of landing her on best-dressed lists (we’re talking the big ones, like Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List of 2013).

She's working on a book about beauty

Von Teese’s beauty tips and secrets will fill out her new book, Your Beauty Mark, which she’s currently working on. According to an interview with Popsugar, the book will be “about embracing who you are and not feeling like you need to fit in or succumb to a modern, typical standard of beauty.” Yeah, I can get behind that.

Image: ditavonteese/Instagram