Kim Zolciak's 'Don't Be Tardy' Camping Trip Was Actually Pretty Enlightening

The Biermann clan took Winder, Ga. by storm with a flurry of Louis Vuitton luggage, iPhones, bottles of wine, and wigs when Kroy coerced the family into an impromptu Don't Be Tardy camping trip. Kim was skeptical at first, but after Kroy put the situation in perspective, she happily (well, as happily as she could) obliged. Relationships are about give and take, so after Kroy gave Kim the gift of him getting a chemical peel, Kim gave him the gift of letting herself be dragged into camping.

"I dreaded everything about camping aside from spending quality time with my family! I knew how excited my hubby was about camping, and I knew he would make sure we had EVERYTHING we could ever need, sooo I decided if my hubby loves it, I'm going to try and love it too!" Kim told Bravo. She also explained that because Kroy is so supportive, so she had to return the favor. "As you know, my hubby is always supportive of everything I want to do," she said, "and he rarely asks for much, so camping it is!"

The episode was a lot more enlightening than I expected. Check out some of the things I learned from watching Kroy, Kim, KJ, Brielle, Arianna, and the rest of the gang roughing it at the Fort Yargo State Park.

Image: Bravo

You Can Bring All the Wine You Want

I’d say there should be at least a 10 bottle minimum, but that’s just me.

Image: Bravo

No Heels Allowed in the Woods

Sometimes you have to sacrifice fashion for… this.

Image: Bravo

There Is Such A Thing As Being Too Young To Camp

The twins and 1-year-old Kash, who KJ adoringly calls Kashew, had to stay behind for the weekend. Kim said she thought they were just too little to be at the campsite, which makes sense. I’m 22 years old and still haven’t gone camping, so maybe I’m still too young too?

Image: kimzolciakbiermann/Instagram

Camping And Hunting Are Not The Same

Shun, Kim’s stylist, makes an emergency fashion excursion to Dick’s Sporting Goods (I know, emergency fashion excursion and Dick’s Sporting Goods probably have never been used together in the same sentence). She brings back a slew of hunting gear, camouflage, overalls, and more. Kroy respects her “valiant effort” but makes the distinction that camping and hunting are not the same.

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You Can Bring Your Wigs Into the Wild

We all knew that Kim was going to eventually have to go camping, but of course she’s going to do it her way, which means the wigs come too. She only brought one, which is respectable, but of course she had to strap a seatbelt on the ol’ gal. Safety first!

Image: Bravo

Breaking the Rules Is Fun & Necessary

Even if someone tells you not to bring your iPhone into the woods, you should probably bring it. Who knows what could happen? What if there’s an emergency? What if someone posts a really unflattering picture of you on Facebook and you’re not there to untag it? These are things you have to take into consideration when in the great outdoors.

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Embrace What Mother Nature Has To Offer

Sure you could bring a bunch of hot dogs, hamburgers, and sandwiches with you in a cooler, but I’m sure it’s much more satisfying to dig your freshly done French manicure into the dirt, find some slimy little worms, put them on the hook, catch your dinner (whether that be fish or whatever you catch), and cook it up. It sounds rewarding — I’ve never done it — but it sounds rewarding.

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You Can Camp In Atlanta

Who knew?

Image: Bravo

If You Wish Hard Enough, You Won't See A Black Bear

I’m not sure if this one is true or not but it makes sense… right?

Image: Bravo

You Can Let It All Hang Out

Camping is low-key. It’s not about how you look or what you’re wearing. “I don’t have to wear a wig or suck in my stomach. I could walk around this place naked,” Kim says when first pulling into the camp grounds, and she’s right! It’s more fun to strip away all of the things you don’t need — the cell phones, Facebook, your Coach backpack, your laptop — and just unplug for awhile. But again, I’ve never done in it myself, so I’ll have to trust Kim’s judgement here.

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