Where Have You Seen The Actress In The Wonka Randoms Ad Before? Hint: On Your TV Screen

That driver asking for directions from the unintentionally unhelpful man with nothing but gummy candy on the brain in the Wonka Randoms advertisement looks crazy-familiar, yeah? That isn't your mind pranking you, my friend. So, where have we TV-watching folk seen her before? Well, if you're a Project Runway fan, she's popped up during this Red Robinny season's commercial breaks: Currently, actress Melanie Paxson is in, like, 75 (rough estimate) Red Robin commercials.

(P.S. Was I alone in my disappointment when Tim Gunn revealed that the PR Red Robin challenge would not be something along the lines of constructing day-to-night wear out of Bottomless Steak Fries and vinyl from old booths? Sigh, there's always the unconventional materials challenge.)

Paxson is also in, like, 59 (again, rough estimate) Serta iComfort ads. Oh! And there’s the Fiber One ad, the Progressive Insurance ad, the Gla— You get the gist.

In addition to the seemingly never-ending list of commercials, she has guest starred in a number of TV shows (including Masters of Sex, American Dad!, True Jackson VP, and CSI) and she's been in a few movies. You might remember Paxson as Dolly, Walt Disney’s (Tom Hanks) secretary, in 2013’s Saving Mr. Banks.

Did she ever find Park Street? We may never know. (My guess: She plugged the directions into Google Translate and it translated them from Wonka Randomish to English.)

Image: Wonka Candy/iSpot.tv