The Chainsmokers Release "Kanye" Video & It's Even Sweeter Than the Song — VIDEO

When I referred to The Chainsmokers' song "Kanye" as "actually kind of sweet," I felt like I was under some sort of auto-type spell where my fingers developed a mind of their own and began compiling random words on the keyboard that clearly didn't belong in the same sentence. It's less about the song, and more about how Kanye West tends to come off as more scary than sweet. But as it turns out, my neurological functions were intact because the video for "Kanye" just dropped, and it makes the song sound that much sweeter.

I absolutely love the feel of the video, which totally has a humble, down-to-earth vibe. The storyline revolves around a young woman who works as a maid at an upscale hotel. Closely mirroring Jennifer Lopez's character in Maid in Manhattan (only a way less cheesy version), she makes a spontaneous decision to get out of her rut by borrowing some fancy frocks that belong to a guest. She then abandons her job for a posh, party-filled night on the town with her new group of equally fancy friends. At the end of the night, her Cinderella adventures come to a close, but there's no sign of regret. She actually seems quite content with returning to her normal life, including her job and her family.

Even though the song refers to West as a source of inspiration, the great thing about the video is it keeps the focus where it belongs and doesn't attempt oversell the whole superficial Hollywood, glitz and glamour concept, which is evident by how the video's main character deals with her temporary taste of the good life.

Check out the video for "Kanye" below:

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