Tracy Morgan Is Struggling Through Recovery, His Progress Moving Incrementally


Early in June it was reported that Tracy Morgan had been in a car accident, leaving seven people injured, one dead, and Morgan in in critical condition. Rumors abounded about his condition and his recovery, including rumors of amputation. So how and where is Morgan now? According to his lawyer, he's on the road to recovery — but it's a rough one.

Benedict P. Morelli, who serves as a lawyer for Morgan, told People a bit about what life's like for the comedian three months after the crash, commenting that he's "struggling":

In the meantime, Morgan's been using a walker and a wheelchair, with People noting that "it may be months before he can fully walk again." Morgan spent a month after the accident at a physical rehabilitation center, and was spotted looking cheerful shortly after, telling a group of photographers "I’m OK. I love you very much. Thank you. I appreciate everything."

Morgan is also in the middle of a lawsuit with Walmart over the involvement of one of their trucks in the crash, with the suit reading:

Recovery can be a very rough road, slow road. I wish Morgan the best with his.