Teens Care More About Gadgets Than Clothes

Kids these days, am I right? First they're launching their own multi-million dollar businesses and now they're choosing tech over fashion. According to NYT, these days, teenagers care more about the latest gadgets than trendy clothes. They could care less about what brands they're wearing, so long as they've got the latest device in their hands (over their ears, wrapped around their wrist, etc.).

This isn't a mere speculation. Analysts have noticed this interesting shift in trends among young people. John Morris, a retail analyst at BMO Capital Markets, reported that when he meets with his regular teenage focus groups to talk what trends they find most appealing, the conversation almost always strays from clothing and comes back to the most important topic at hand: the iPhone 6.

“You get them talking about crop tops, you get a nice little debate about high-waist going, but the conversation keeps shifting back.” Because, let's be honest — does it even matter where your boyfriend jeans sit on your body if you don't have the latest smartphone to Instagram a pic of it? Lucky Mag's EIC Eva Chen totally agrees and thinks that “having a cool phone" shows you’re "plugged in" with what's going on.

What's more is that teen apparel is in a severe slump — sales have fallen over the last several quarters, according to the NPD Group. As a result, clothing retailers have planned their back-to-school inventory accordingly. My suggestion to them? Start making some really cute cellphone cases, tablet sleeves and laptop covers. Because pretty soon, the kids are going to be wearing their own 3D-printed trousers and tops and they're not going to need the Aeropostales and Hollisters.

All this tech talk has gotten me nostalgic for the gadgets I once could not live without. There's a good chance you might be able to relate to me, too (if you were born before the '90s, that is). Here are seven devices I never went to school without.

1. Motorola Razr

I mean, you really weren't cool if you didn't have the pink one.

2. iPod (Original)

Mp3s "sponsored" by Limewire.

3. Baby-G

Admit it. You had one. And you loved it.

4. Flip Video Cam

To record all the exciting pep rally acts, of course.

5. (Bulky) GPS

Because having to drive to the other side of town for a non-home football game was confusing. And my parents didn't trust me.

6. Digital Camera

There may not have been filters or a front-facing camera, but damn, did I love my Canon PowerShot.

7. Graphing Calculator

For getting me through AP Calculus (with endless games of Tetris).

Images: Motorola, Giphy, Imgur, Flip Cam, Garmin, Canon, Texas Instruments