Celebrate International Bacon Day With These Bacon Commercials! — VIDEOS

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What smells like wonder and tastes like magic? You know the answer: BACON. Saturday, Aug. 30 is International Bacon Day, which is essentially Christmas for bacon-lovers. The holiday, which The Republic of Bacon informs us is always the Saturday before Labor Day, is a holiday that's about love, food, joy, and that delicious scent. Oh that scent — it permeates the room, and sends shivers up your nostrils as you inhale wafts of bacon-scented air. Of course it's worth celebrating.

And now, a personal bacon-related anecdote: Not too long ago, I was strolling through a store that sold a whole variety of soaps. One of those soaps was bacon-scented. I pondered asking my boyfriend to use it, but then I was worried that if I were to smell bacon on a regular basis, I would constantly assume that bacon was there when it wasn't, and that's a terrible feeling to have. International Bacon Day understands this sentiment, and therefore, the holiday encourages you to smell and consume copious amounts of bacon. That is how you celebrate Bacon Day.

But what if you're not ready to consume all of that bacon? Well, you've got to whet your appetite. You can do so by watching these bacon commercials below. The only bad news? You can't get that glorious bacon scent. The good news? There's soap for that.

Wake Up And Smell The Bacon, Oscar Mayer


'80s Bacon, Maple Leaf


Say It With Bacon, Oscar Mayer


Hiding The Bacon, Kiwi

Jakey232340 on YouTube

It's Beggin' Time, Beggin' Strips

ILoveBeggin on YouTube

OK, OK — maybe that's not for human bacon, but it's proof that dogs love bacon, too.

And now, one more, since you're probably salivating at this point.

We All Speak Bacon, Oscar Mayer


Hungry yet?

Happy Bacon Day, bacon eaters!

Image: Shardayyy/Flickr