'Pretty Little Liars' Adds New Cast Member, So Will She Become Another Member Of Ali's Army?

[Note: SPOILERS LIE AHEAD!] News feeds around the globe blew up when Pretty Little Liars killed off fan favorite Mona Vanderwaal this season, and I’m not lying when I say I was left pretty shook up when it happened. After all, I — like so many others — have been following the hit ABC Family show for years, and I know I was just beginning to get attached to Crazy Mona. Yet, unsurprisingly, while her death will probably be the wildest PLL news until the show starts up again in the winter, we've got some new intel to hopefully lessen the blow: The Game's Miranda Mayo will be stirring things up on Pretty Little Liars in new episodes to come.

At this point, it pretty much feels like a horrible fate is inevitable for the Liars, since their only hope at figuring out who A was died...and, you know, Ali has an entire army against them. But to be honest, my head is just spinning trying to figure out how Mayo’s character, Talia, will fit into the mix.

Talia, who will be a new chef in Rosewood, will act as Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) enemy from the very beginning (because apparently Sydney and Shana weren’t enough), and her mysterious character will reportedly have a recurring role throughout the series.

Little is known so far about Mayo’s part aside from the fact that she'll be yet another person presenting themselves as a problem for the liars — but after a memorable stint on The Game as Patreece Sheibani, it’ll be interesting to see how Mayo’s presence in PLL pans out. Hey, as long as she has an evil stare or look of bewilderment down, she’ll likely fit in with the cast just fine.

For now, we’ll have to wait a few more months until we have the chance to see what Mayo has in store for us. But, it’ll be worth it if we ever get to see who A actually is, right? Anyone?