'Game Of Crowns': Lynne & Leha Talk Face-To-Face But The Truth Remains Murky

Toward the end of the Game of Crowns season finale, Shelley stared into the confessional camera and said, “I don’t think we’re ever going to find out the truth.” Welp, that just about sums it up, huh? That statement applies to any one of the questions surrounding the Lynne/Leha conflict: How did the rumors about Nick begin? Who spread the rumors? Did Nick actually threaten Lynne? Who hired a private investigator to follow Leha's family? Wait, what's this about a stalker being in the mix, too?

“I don’t think we’re ever going to find out the truth.”


Seriously? You're going to do me like that, Game of Crowns? You're going to spin those Leha/Lynne conflict plates all season, only to lock the plates away in the china cabinet at season's end? Serves my expectations and me right.

My finale expectations: I hope every question that has cropped up in my mind over the course of the season regarding the Leha/Lynne conflict will be answered during the group dinner. My reasonable finale expectations: I will be happy if ONE question is answered during the group dinner.The finale reality: I think maybe two questions were quasi-answered during the group dinner, but who even knows.

After a few minutes of shouting and name-calling across the dinner table, Legends Of The Crown victor Shelley (you bet your butt glue Mrs. America won LOTC) asked that Leha and Lynne stop worrying about who did what, put the restraining order mayhem behind them, and forget about the rumors. Vanassa echoed this and suggested that they attempt to repair their relationship. Lynne and Leha agreed to do so, and then the cast enjoyed their dinner together.


Look, it's nice that they made up or whatever, but do you know what would've been REALLY nice? ANSWERS.

Ta-ta, GoC. It's been... something.

Images: Bravo; miscgifs/tumblr