Sarah & Robert Hit a Brooks Road Block on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Because Brooks Is So Dreamy

Uh oh, trouble in paradise! The introduction of Brooks Forester to Bachelor in Paradise has caused some problems for Sarah Herron and Robert Graham's relationship. Though the two finally made out last week and seemed on a pretty good path to love, Brooks may wind up breaking some hearts. Turns out that Sarah met him at the After the Final Rose special for Juan Pablo's season, and developed an instant crush. Brooks was feeling it too and showed up with date card in hand, presumably to ask Sarah. But Robert was having none of it. He hugged Sarah possessively when Brooks appeared and told him straight up, "If you ask Sarah out, I will kill you."

Okay then.

Robert seemed to know exactly how he felt about the situation: Brooks was bad news. "That's my bae," he informed Brooks of Sarah. His possessive act rightfully freaked Brooks out a bit and he ended up deciding to go out with Jackie instead of Sarah.

Sarah seemed torn, though. Part of her was mad that Brooks showed up because she didn't want to ruin a good thing with Robert, but the other half of her was mad that he didn't pick her for the date.

Even if nothing ends up happening between Brooks and Sarah, the damage has been done. Instead of her attention being 100 percent focused on Robert, part of her will probably always be wondering if she could have had more with Brooks. But for now Sarah seems faithful to Robert. She was going to break up with him until he left her a sweet note and told her he wants to take her on dates and see how things go. Then she said her head felt clear: Robert was the choice for her, for now.

Brooks walked into a pretty tense situation, and left his mark on their relationship—whether he intended to or not. Will Sarah and Robert survive this bump in the relationship? Who knows. But Brooks' presence on the show is certainly keeping things interesting.

Image: Francisco Roman/ABC; giphy