Brooks Calls Jackie "Cute" About 10,000 Times on 'Bachelor in Paradise' — And It's Not Cute

After weeks of romantic musical chairs, Bachelor in Paradise kept on trucking by adding in Brooks Forrester from Des' season of The Bachelorette. He walked into something of a snakes' nest because after last week's double episodes, everyone is paired up pretty significantly. Per Brooks, Robert Graham basically tells him that if Brooks asks Sarah Herron out, "he'd kill me." Violent (supposed) words from a dude who just called Sarah his "bae, you know, my bae bae." Still, Brooks takes the hint and selects the least attached person in the Tulum paradise, Jackie Parr, for his date card. Unfortunately, when he gets there, the only word that he seems to be able to muster is "cute."

Look, I'm not exactly expecting the most integrity from folks who agreed to fly to Tulum, sleep in bunk beds, get wasted on Barefoot Wine (see: insta-hangover in a jug), and date each other's objects of affection. BUT (a big but) Brooks is practically a cartoon character with his tongue hanging out on his date with Jackie. And sure, Jackie is so cute she looks like she hopped right out of a Disney princess movie, but the girl is trying to talk to Brooks and all he can do is stare dumbfounded and marvel at her ability to be exactly as she was born, even though she can definitely do more than sit at dinner and look pretty for him.

Hey Brooks, I get it. It's hard to talk to really attractive people. But if you think "this is a girl I could really date" maybe you might want to find out what's in her head too. Ya think?

And maybe, when you're telling her how much you're starting to like her, stay away from the phrase "I like your face." If you're going to be superficial, at least get creative, Bro.

Images: Francisco Roman/ABC; Giphy