Eric Hill & Brooks Forester Did Another Reality Show & It's So Different from 'Bachelorette' — VIDEO

The best Bachelor news of the day has nothing to do with The Bachelor. It turns out that Bachelorette alums Brooks Forester and Eric Hill filmed a TV show together way before Eric even met Andi Dorfman and later tragically passed away after a paragliding incident. The pair, plus eight of their friends, star in Mexico: Baja and Back a miniseries about biking "2,000 miles down Mexico's Baja Peninsula and back."

Instead of drama coming in the form of who gets a rose or not, we get to watch Eric, Brooks, and their buddies survive bike breakdowns, swim with sharks, play soccer with local kids, and more. The seven-minute long episodes may not compete with The Bachelorette for time, but even in those brief minutes we get to see Eric and Brooks outside the confines of a reality love show and they're totally normal, awesome guys.

We always knew Eric had a penchant for adventure, but now we get to see that Brooks does too, and watching the guys hang out in a more natural environment away from meddling ABC producers is actually really amazing. Instead of the weird moment Bachelorette brought us, where we watched producers break the bad news about his passing to the cast, we get to see Eric in his prime: traveling and making memories on this epic adventure. I'm so glad this show came out after The Bachelorette, because it gives Eric the tribute he deserves.

All eight of the season's episodes are available online now, and you can check out the first one below to see these Bachelorette contestants as great, normal guys in search of a bit of fun.

Image: Go With Eric