"The Way You Make Me Feel" Cover by a One Woman Band Shows Off Her Impressive Talents — VIDEO

The Internet is a breeding ground for the publicity of strange talents... and cats. Always cats. These strange talents often mix with some legitimate, awesome talents. It's sometimes hards to pick the real gems out of the bizarre sea, but when one calls out at you, you can't ignore it. Take the video below, for example. This girl sings "The Way You Make Me Feel" and creates a one woman band by using a recorder that plays back multiple tracks. It's pretty amazing — she can harmonize with herself, and not to mention, she's got dynamite beat boxing skills, and beat boxing ain't easy.

There are no instruments, no crazy autotuned hacks, no other people involved — just her and her voice. Can someone give this girl a recording deal? Sure, right now she's just sitting on her bed with her very adorable dog, but it would be pretty sweet to see her in a recording studio, recording tons of her one-woman-band's music. Lady power! This video is verifiable proof there is musical power in just one woman!

Also of note: it's a rare sort of Internet video in that there's a dog featured, and the dog does not steal the show. THAT'S HOW AWESOME THIS GIRL IS.

You can see for you for yourself below.

Image: Kawehi/Liveleak