Princess Diana Left Prince Harry an Incredibly Beautiful 30th Birthday Gift

It may be far from in style now, but there's no denying that Princess Diana's 1981 wedding dress is as iconic as it gets. There's also no denying that the gown must hold a very special place in Prince William and Prince Harry's hearts, being that it's one of the most profound relics of their late mother. Since Princess Diana's death, her wedding dress has been looked after by her brother, Charles Spencer, and, for over 10 years, it was on display at a museum at the Spencer family's estate. But in less than two weeks, when Diana's youngest son turns 30, the dress will be returned to both of her children, per her request. How's that for a 30th birthday gift?

Evidently, Lady Di had it in her will that her wedding gown should be given to her children, should anything happen to her, when Harry turns 30 years old — and here we are, 17 years after her death, Harry about to turn 30. As far as gifts go, this will all but be impossible to top. Of course, Harry and William both have heirlooms and treasures from their late mother, but to receive something so important and profound on his 30th birthday from his mother is incredible. Makes such a special birthday all the more special. Love this.

Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Can't wait to see what the boys do with their mum's dress.

Image: Getty Images