'Game of Thrones' Meets 'Hunger Games' in Weepy Teen Drama 'Me Before You'

Every once in a while we must admit some new bodies into the court of people we'll allow to make us cry in movie theaters. Newest to be crowned is, fittingly, a Khaleesi: Emilia Clarke, joined by Sam Claflin, will be starring in the film adaptation of the novel Me Before You. Because making you cry through The Hunger Games and Game Of Thrones wasn't enough for them, now they're taking the show on the road to your local movie theater and your future Netflix queue.

Me Before You will be an adaptation of the popular British novel by Jojo Moyes. Clarke/Khaleesi will be playing the "tenacious but oddly endearing" Louisa, hired to lift the spirits of Claflin/Finnick's Will, left paralyzed after his adventurous lifestyle took a wrong turn. According to the Amazon description of the book, things escalate rather quickly:

Their fondness grows into something deeper, gaining urgency when she realizes his determination to end his life, and her efforts to convince him of its value throw her own bland ambitions into question.

In other words, expect drama.

This whole thing sounds like it'll fit in pretty well with the box office tradition of the Nicholas Sparks films and the Endless Love-esque pictures — white hetero people fall in love amidst tragedy — but it could be a really smart move for Clarke. She's been Khaleesi in the eyes of the public for a long time, which is not a bad thing to be in the scheme of things, but between this and Terminator: Genisys, Clarke seems eager to burst through to other planes. Let's hope this is a Notebook and not a Dear John.