If Sofia Vergara Is Liking Her Ex’s Social Media Posts, All That Proves Is That They’re Mature

Television hotties Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are one seriously sex-ay couple, so it isn't all that surprising that gossip is surrounding their relationship. In fact, it's kind of surprising that this particular piece of gossip has taken this long to surface. According to Page Six, Vergara is still in love with Nick Loeb, the man she broke up with shortly before hooking up with Manganiello (the man she also happened to be engaged to). So says a source, "Sofia has been speaking and texting with Nick, as she is still in love with him. The real reason she didn’t take Joe to the Emmys is she still loves Nick. She is even still publicly liking his photos for the world to see on Twitter."

Oh, my gah, she's publicly liking his photos on Twitter?! To hell you say, Source! Okay, so the whole not taking Manganiello to the Emmys thing could be perceived as a bit odd, but actually, if Vergara is in fact "liking Loeb's Twitter pictures," I'd say that's a good sign. It shows she's mature; that they have an amicable break-up; and that she's got nothing to hide. If the Modern Family star was trying to sneak around behind the True Blood hottie's back with Loeb, don't you think she'd, you know, not publicly like crap he posted to social media? That's a dead give-away!

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Unless, of course, she's trying the ol' reverse psychology thing, in which case, brilliant, Sofia. But I'm more apt to believe that she's just cool and mature. Call me crazy.

Image: Getty Images