Joan Rivers May Be Taken Off of Life Support by Daughter Melissa This Weekend — REPORT

While her daughter, Melissa Rivers, has been consistent in giving public updates on her mother's condition, unfortunately, the latest news on Joan Rivers is not promising. According to a source who spoke with the New York Daily News, Joan Rivers could be taken off of life support this weekend. This news comes only a day after Melissa released a statement saying that her mother was moved out of intensive care and into a private room. Also on Wednesday, a "family source" told ET Online that preliminary tests show that it's unlikely Joan is completely brain dead.

NY Daily News also spoke with Joan's longtime friend, gossip columnist Cindy Adams. Adams gave the newspaper some details on Joan's room which make it sound like it's fit for the fashionista comedian, and that everything is being done to make sure she's comfortable. Adams said the room was "decorated by celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey with flowers, bows, plants," and that Joan is still having her makeup done and has a white faux mink blanket. Joan's dogs are said to have been able to visit her as well. And if you follow Joan on Twitter, you know how important her dogs are to her.

With Melissa being Joan's only child, she is the one who has to make the decisions regarding her mother's condition, and seeing as she continues to put out updates, she'll be sure to let fans know of what happens whether it's for better or worse. For now, what Joan and Melissa need, and as Melissa has expressed her appreciation for in all of her updates, is support.