Who's Fighting Against Equal Pay for Women?

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Let me draw your attention to Texas. A bill on the table in the state would have granted workers the right to sue employers over wage discrimination, which Governor Rick Perry promptly vetoed after receiving letters opposing the bill from retailers, including Macy's.

That didn't a happy group of consumers make. So, on Tuesday, UltraViolet, an online anti-sexism group, created a petition against Macy's for opposing a bill that would have offered protections to workers seeking remedies to wage discrimination.

At the time of this writing, the petition has garnered about 54,000 signatures. Those who sign endorse the statement:

"I’m outraged that Macy’s would undermine women’s right to equal pay for equal work. If you want my business, you should publicly retract your letter asking Governor Perry to veto the Texas equal pay act, and pledge not to block any future equal pay legislation in Congress or state legislatures."

Macy's opposition to the equal pay measure seems pretty counterintuitive to the business model at the retailer, which is sustained by women — ladies make up 70 percent of Macy's customer base, according to WWD.

UltraViolet plans protests outside Macy's in New York in the coming weeks, and is considering a Labor Day Weekend boycott as well. Will it affect how you shop?

Image: Getty Images