22 Dogs In Halloween Costumes Who Really Aren't Happy About It

There aren't a lot of things better than dressing up for Halloween, but still, there are things. One of those things? Dressing up your pet for Halloween, because animal Halloween costumes are, without a doubt, the best. (And don’t you dare say you haven’t even thought about it, because you have.)

Let's be real. What’s cuter than a dog in a Popeye costume? Or a cat wearing angel wings? Answer: nothing. Not that you need another excuse to bust out the sequins and play dress-up with your pets, but Halloween is the time to really get creative with styling your furry friends (though, just a warning, there is such a thing as getting a little too creative).

Although these four-legged creatures may not seem psyched about their totally awesome ensembles, we definitely are. From hot dogs to Yoda pugs (!!!), these animal costumes are almost too much to handle (key word here being almost). To get you in the spirit of Halloween, here are 10 adorable pups who are definitely mad about their costumes, but they are all the more lovable for playing along. Long live these pooches. (Don’t worry, you’ll see what I mean in a second.)

The Hot Dog

This dog doesn’t find the “hot dog” pun as funny as his owner.

The Star Wars Dogs

This is the most amazing photo I’ve ever seen. Period.

The Lion Dog

Mostly just speechless with this one. As is the dog.

The One-Eyed Pirate Dog

This dog is wearing an eye-patch. I repeat, this dog is wearing an eyepatch.

The Pumpkin Dog

This poor pug is just completely and utterly confused.

The Rainbow Dog

Even I feel sorry for this guy.

The Fairy Dog

I refuse to let this dog’s smile convince me that it’s actually enjoying this.

The Mermaid Dog

The wig is almost too much. Almost.

The Cow Dog

The udders really complete this look.

The Monster Dog

That is a dog giving a side eye if I ever saw one.