Moda Operandi's "The Fashioneasters" Video Stars Adorable Little Girls Struggling to Pronounce Designer Names

The fashion industry is often accused of taking itself too seriously, but Moda Operandi's "The Fashioneasters" video series encourages us to lighten up. In the first installment, we see seven little girls (The Fashioneasters, presumably) struggling to pronounce designer names like Giambattista Valli and Mary Katranzou. Yeah, it's definitely as cute as it sounds.

"You just neeeed to be, like, a really good fashioneaster who thinks you can do anything," says a little fashionista-in-training with a bow in her hair and a white eyelet dress at the start of the video. Clearly, she gets it. The rest of the minute long clip shows several other young ladies prancing around in glam outfits, trying on accessories, and saying things like, "Gimbreastilla Valli" and "I can't pick, I need everything." To quote the endlessly pithy Rachel Zoe: I die.

Can we petition Anna Wintour to take this project over and do a "Fashioneasters" edition of Vogue to run during one of those boring fashion months like January that no one cares about anyway? I want a "How to Be a Fashioneaster" article written by that one girl, who closes out the video by saying, "If you would like to be a fashioneaster, tell me and I'll probably tell you, um, all about about how to be a fashioneaster."

Check out the video below!