There's No 'Sims 4' For Mac, So Expect To Go Through These 4 Stages Of Grief

You've been waiting five long years, and now it is finally here. No more Sims 3! You can't wait to see how you will potentially ruin your virtual characters' lives (pool drowning! Oh, never mind...). But wait. WAIT. What do you mean there is NO SIMS 4 FOR MAC?

That's right, Mac users. Your hopeless Apple addiction has come back to bite you in the ass, as there is no version of the new game that was released Sept. 2. Although EA has said they'll be releasing a version at some point, release dates have not been firmed up as of now.

An EA spokesperson told Bustle: “We are focused on the PC version. We have no updates on the Mac at this time.”

The other iterations of the Sims have been offered for Mac, so undoubtedly EA will eventually release a version. I guess it is that whole idea that PC users are the hardcore gamers. Seriously, my college ex-boyfriend bought a PC for the sole purpose of playing World of Warcraft. I wonder why that didn't work out.

So, as you start to curse in Simlish at your silver MacBook Pro, just realize that is only the beginning of your stages of grief. Try to keep calm and play Sims 3 in the meantime. At least they still have toddlers.

Stage 1: Use your Mac as Windows

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You're not quite to the point of breaking down and buying a whole new computer, because you're not that desperate. YOU PROMISE YOU'RE NOT THAT DESPERATE. You do, however, find yourself downloading a bootleg copy of Windows Vista and partitioning your hard drive to run it, hoping to make your Sims dreams come true. You quickly realize that running Windows on a Mac is just as ridiculous as it sounds, and you go back to watching YouTube trailers of the cool new interactions featured in Sims 4.

Stage 2: Start asking your friends

"Heeeeeeeey, PC-user-friend-I-haven't-spoken-to-for-years! Wouldn't it be cool if we traded computers for like, mmmm, I don't know, forever? What do you mean you like your computer? What kind of friend are you? Friends share right?! MY SIMS LEARNED TO SHARE! I DESIGNED THEM SO THEY GET MOOD BOOSTS FROM DOING GOOD THINGS FOR PEOPLE!"

Stage 3: You start treating others as Sims

You've never been much of a matchmaker, but all of a sudden you find yourself forcing two people together in social situations and poking them while repeating: "FLIRT." You're also wondering why the people you introduced last week aren't married yet. Humans are the worst.

Stage 4: You yourself become a Sim

You haven't been in the bathroom in hours because NO ONE HAS TOLD YOU TO GO. You're pissed about it, the mood indicator (which has been really hard to explain to your friends), is a deep, fiery red. The only way you can communicate anymore is through emojis, because no one understands what you're saying.

You don't have a high level of cooking skill, and you can't read books on it fast enough, so you burned down the house cooking dinner, and you had to argue with the grim reaper not to take you away. BUT HE MIGHT AS WELL BECAUSE THERE IS NO SIMS 4 FOR MAC.

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