Does ‘Reign’s Torrance Coombs Have a Girlfriend? Someone Has to Help Manage His Cats’ Instagram

I’m sorry, ladies. Reign’s Sebastian — Bash to those more forward maidens out there — is taken and has been in a steady relationship for quite some time. He might play King Henry's bastard son on the show and have a way with the ladies, but Torrance Coombs is dating Alyssa Campanella, a blogger and former beauty pageant contestant. Is anyone else sensing a pattern? Because it seems like Coombs really likes to stay close to royalty.

Now don't get all up in arms and start a village revolt on me. There's really no need, because (and please don't hurt me for typing this) his girlfriend is pretty darn cool. Here's why...

Image: Torrance Coombs/Instagram

She's a Blogger

Fine, maybe this is me standing up for my kinsman, but Campanella is a blogger! Her site Jumpers and Jasmine covers topics like food, travel, fashion, and beauty. I really like the clean aesthetic and design of it. Darn her for not only being so hip but sensible — she got this outfit from Forever 21!

Image: Alyssa Campanella/Instagram

She's a blogger with a cat

As any blogger knows, animal assistance is needed for cuddle time or inspiration, and images like this are often an everyday occurrence. It makes her that much more real to me. I’m now hit by the cold realization that Coombs and I will never be.

Image: Alyssa Campanella/Instagram

She's a Willing Travel Buddy

If Torrance Coombs wants to pretend to be scared of heights when climbing the Eiffel Tower, Campanella will fake cry and keep up the charade right along with him. It’s impressive seeing as he pretend-cries for a living.

Image: Torrance Coombs/Instagram

She was Miss USA

Wow, she’s really good at fake crying. Campanella was Miss USA 2011 and she captioned this Instagram photo: “When I buy flowers at the supermarket and then proceed to pretend I’ve just won a pageant..” Something I’ll admit I do too before laughing and feeling ridiculous. She’s just better and brings more experience.

Image: Alyssa Campanella/Instagram

She Bakes

She made this cake for Coombs’ Reign co-star Adelaide Kane’s birthday! I mean, I know that as peasants, we should bring Mary Queen of Scots cake any time she wants, but I would just get her an Entenmann’s coffee cake. They already come boxed up, too. It’s really the extent of my abilities.

Image: Alyssa Campanella/Instagram

She's Friends with the Queen

Not only does she make delicious baked goods for her highness, but she’s a reliable, steadfast companion. That’s the ideal for any lady in waiting.

Image: Alyssa Campanella/Instagram

She & Coombs Have A Separate Instagram Account for Their Cats

Yeah, that’s true. She and Coombs have a separate Instagram account for their cats called Count Fluffo, which is seriously adorable, if somewhat old lady-like. The account is even written from the point of view of their kitties, which doesn’t freak me out as much as it makes me laugh at how sincerely cute they are to have this. Plus, the cats are name Renly and Daenerys after Game of Thrones characters. If this isn’t dorky commitment, I don’t know what is.

Image: Count Fluffo/Instagram