Season 6 'Glee' Rumors Vs. Reality — It Can't All Be That Nuts, Right?

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When Season 5 of ended, Glee underwent quite a few changes to the original construct of the show: it was now solely focused in New York, the New Directions had disbanded and been phased out mid-season, and Rachel had just quit her starring role on Broadway to take a TV development deal in Los Angeles. But that was four months ago, and in true Lima Loser fashion, everything has changed dramatically heading into Glee Season 6.

When production on Season 6 began, Fox rolled out a whole heap of spoilers to entice the curious and correct the naysayers. There have been rumors flying around ever since Season 5 ended, many of them having to do with Glee's location changes and onset feuds (Naya, Lea, I'm looking at you), but now that we have some facts, I'm prepared to set the record straight.

Image: Adam Rose/Fox

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