Karen Walker Spring 2015 Encourages You to Get Your "Eccentric Gardener" On (In Style, Of Course)

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"This season, Karen Walker takes us into the posh English countryside and down the garden path of the eccentric horticulturist," begins the program notes for Karen Walker's Spring 2015 collection, "Garden People." The designer was inspired by photographer Valerie Finnis' portraits of "society gardners" in Britain, shot in the decades between WWII and the 1970s. These women would tend their gardens dressed in finery, combining style and functionality with ease.

As a result of this influence, Walker has delivered a fantastic (and fantastically wearable) selection of whimsical floral prints, updated vintage silhouettes, and, of course, to-die-for sunglasses that have a place in any fashionable woman's closet. Read on for a glimpse of the best looks.

Image: Erin Mayer

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