'Catfish' Star Nev Schulman Tweets a Very Strange Photo About the Ray Rice Controversy

In the media flurry surrounding Ray Rice and his much-deserved expulsion from the Baltimore Ravens following a video showing the former running back beating his wife Janay unconscious, dozens of celebrities have spoken out. One of the strangest reactions to the Rice controversy comes from MTV’s Nev Schulman. The Catfish star posted a photo of himself in an elevator, holding his hand to his chest and wrote, “Cowards make me sick. Real men show strength through patience & honor. This elevator is abuse free. #RESPECT”. Though it’s mostly clear that his intentions are anti-abuse, the photo is self-serving.

Had Schulman not posted the photo of himself looking like the statue of a war hero, I would have been on his side. Sadly, the image just makes it seem like Schulman wants some sort of recognition for NOT being an abusive man. The last time I checked, not causing physical and emotional harm isn’t supposed to earn you a special star. Sorry, Nev.

There’s also the issue with using the phrase “real men,” which is already loaded with deeply embedded ideals about masculinity. However, Schulman’s tweet is just a drop in the nasty bucket of the Rice controversy.

I'll let Chris Rock take it from here...

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