Penny Pinchers Make Better Lovers

Last week, we learned that people who have more sex make more money. This week, it's all about the fact that people who save their money make better partners. Sure, your parents are always telling you to find a partner with a steady job, but I bet you didn't think fiscal issues had such clear correlations to love.

According to a new working paper out from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, penny pinchers are seen as more desirable partners, mainly because someone who saves their money is also likely to have other good and responsible traits, like self-control. The study was a combination of a review of existing research plus a series of experiments that asked volunteers to rate personality characteristics for potential dates.

I know there's a lot to be said having a financially-responsible partner (as well as making sure you have similar money goals before you get married), but the results of this study still have me picturing like, people in dress shirts buttoned up to the neck who want to cook at home and rent a movie from Redbox instead of "splurging" on dinner and a movie. I guess that's the kind of person you want to have by your side in this economy, though, huh? Spontaneity and romance be damned.