Nicolas Cage in 'The Breakfast Club,' 'Mean Girls' Becomes a Reality In this Must-Watch Mash-Up

Pop quiz: What's the one, sure-fire way to make any movie even better? Add Nicolas Cage to it. Seriously, just stick Nic Cage in there somehow, and the movie will suddenly be, like, 100x better (or more, depending on how exactly Nic Cage is utilizied).

The guys over at MOVIECLIPS Trailers on YouTube know this well, which is why they've put together this amazing, flawless mash-up to prove the theory to the world. Movies like The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls, Jaws, Ghost, and Wayne's World are already classics, but imagine what cult hits they would be if Cage starred in some form! Cage as Claire Standish? Cage as Cady Heron? The possibilities are endless.

I shouldn't even have to sell this clip to you right now. The fact that it's Nic Cage, mashed-up in your favorite movies of all time really should have been enough to make you hit play ages ago, because trust me, your life is going to be severely lacking until you watch this video. You can thank me later.

A full list of the movies included, for any film nerds or curious cats amongst us: The Breakfast Club, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Mean Girls, 48 Hours, Gung Ho, The Money Pit, Jaws, Wayne's World, Ghost, Get Over It, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, Stand By Me, Duplex, Hamlet, and Ten Commandments.

[Image via MOVIECLIPS Trailers/YouTube]