He Prefers Being "In Like" Over "In Love"

Saturday Night Live lovers, you are about to be treated to a fresh new face on your screens. Michael Che, standup comedian, SNL writer, and Daily Show correspondent, is the going to be taking over Cecily Strong's position on SNL's Weekend Update. Say it with me, everyone who'd prefer to sit on their couches on Saturdays to avoid inevitable night out disappointment: Welcome, Michael! Look guys, we've made a new friend without even leaving our houses! But, as with all new friends, you want to get to know them before you invite them into your home to witness your pajama-clad self with your hair on day four of your once fancy blow out. So who is this Michael Che? We know he's hilarious in his standup routines and on The Daily Show, but to be real (fake) friends, we need to get to know him as a person. What is Michael Che's favorite kind of cheese? Is Michael Che an iPhone or Android user? Is Michael Che single? And, if so, is or isn't he ready to mingle?

I don't see why he wouldn't be taken. He's attractive, he's hilarious, he's ambitious.He probably fits the entire checklist you have for potential dates on your OK Cupid profile. To be frank, I have absolutely no clue as to whether Che is single or not. I'm sure once his stint on Weekend Update begins his personal life will become more public. But despite his ambiguous relationship status, here's three instances to gauge where he stands on the whole dating scene:

He thinks it's better to be in "like" than in "love"

He's got an optimistic view of Instagram likes

And, he's got a crush on this lady

She was his #wcw and, to be honest, she's absolutely adorable so I get it.

So maybe we don't know exactly what is going on in Michael Che's love life, but if he wants to share his preferences on cheese instead, we're all ears.

Image: chethinks/Instagram