Everyone's Just Faking It at NYFW

Fashion Week is kind of a big deal. People travel from all over the world to attend shows...or simply lurk outside the tents at Lincoln Center looking for a photo op. But how much do these so-called fashion lovers really know about the industry? Jimmy Kimmel took his "Lie Witness News" series to Fashion Week to find out. The resulting segment is embarrassing, to say the least.

Kimmel's team interviewed a series of self-proclaimed fashionistas, some of whom actually work in the industry, and asked their opinions on the collections of totally made up designers. Better yet, these "designers" were actually real people or brands that had nothing to do with fashion, such as Betsy Ross of our national flag fame and beverage company Bartles & Jaymes. The interviewees didn't miss a beat before providing their enthusiasm for each.

In perhaps the best moment from the clip, one woman proclaims robes a massive trend when asked about "designer" Antonin Scalia and his collection full of them (LOL). "I loved his collection [...] because I want to do a kimono look with overall shorts and heels, so I loved it [...] it's a big trend coming in, so look out for the robes." Uhhhh, sure. Great trend reporting, anonymous fashion woman. I'll keep my eyes peeled for all the fashion robes coming down the runway at that hot new show venue called the Supreme Court.

What's really great about the video is how eagerly the interviewees want to appear "in the know." They never falter! It's sort of amazing. Plus there's a brilliant little segment at the end featuring a headless dress, but I won't spoil it for you. Check out the video below for the full effect.