Bad With Names Too? You'll Relate To This

As weekend approaches, so does the prospect of parties and, by extension, all sorts of difficulties with names. I mean, what is up with names? Whether you're running into people whose names you've forgotten or meeting people whose names you never catch, it seems like there's no end to the mishaps than can happen, made all the more troublesome by the fact that admitting you don't know someone's name gets to be really awkward and embarrassing at a certain point.

But as bad as some of us may be at remembering people's names, the poor guy in this College Humor video is undeniably worse. So if you want to feel bad for someone or just feel better about yourself, you can watch Dave, who might be the worst person ever at catching someone's name in the history of social interaction, as he desperately tries to learn the name of the girl he's chatting with at a party.

Poor Dave. He just wants to know this girl's name, and keeps...completely missing it. Okay, so actually this is all entirely Dave's own fault. But still, I can sympathize. It sucks to be bad with names.

Here's hoping all of you have better luck than this on your weekend adventures! Hey, at least you don't have to work, right?

Image: Fotolia