Iggy Azalea Sex-Tape Saga Is Gettting Complicated

Unfortunately, leaked Hollywood sex tapes appear to be trending. Since last month's massive celebrity nude photo hack, copycat hackers and alleged sex tape leakers (and fake sex celebrity tape creators) seem to be cropping up in every shady, cobwebbed troll-cave of the internet as my faith in humanity slowly fades away. Last Thursday, of an alleged Iggy Azalea sex tape surfaced, and sadly, the "sex tape saga" is only getting more complicated. According to TMZ, Azalea had been offered a multi-million dollar deal for the rights to her alleged sex tape, which she reportedly refused, tweeting, "I don't have a sex tape but for the record...Anyone who releases or attempts to make profit off someone else's intimate moments against their will is a sex offender."

Reportedly, Azalea's legal team initially stated that, while the tape could be authentic, there is a chance Azalea was a minor at the time it was shot, and that it was shot without her knowledge or consent.

The Mirror reports that Azalea's reps are currently taking legal action against porn distributor Vivid Entertainment, stating they will sue if her name is attributed "anywhere near" the marketed tape. Now, Azalea's lawyers have reportedly state that the alleged sex tape is an act of revenge porn, and could be "the work of a spurned business suitor", i.e. an ex seeking to tarnish her reputation or career. Regardless of the circumstances of the alleged tape's creation or release, revenge porn is a sex crime, "real" or not. Hopefully Azalea's legal team can take this creep down.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images