'DWTS' Pro Witney Carson Adorably Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve (On Instagram)

If you're a Dancing With the Stars fan, then you know that DWTS dancer Witney Carson is the bite-sized Latin Ballroom powerhouse who's made her way from So You Think You Can Dance contestant, to DWTS troupe member (the folks who dance between commercial breaks), all the way to Dancing Pro partner last season with Cody Simpson.

When she got bumped to the big leagues, I first assumed it was to be matched up with a fellow short stack star (I'm still hoping Snooki isn't the only chance Sasha will ever get at all that Mirrorball glory); so, color me shocked when her first go at the title was with Cody "I'm going through my 18th growth spurt" Simpson.

Witney and Cody did respectably well for a teen star and a first-time pro, making it through five weeks of jazz hands; but this time...t his time Witney has CARLTON — Alfonso Ribeiro, that is, of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and "Michael Jackson" fame. Guy's got moves, he's the perfect height for Witney, and the perfect DWTS combination of D-list celebrity with name recognition, who you just want good things for. All in all this could be Witney Carson's year to come out on top, so let's see if we can learn a little more about what makes her promenade hesitate...

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC

A bit of a bombshell

She may only be 20, but Witney is giving even the most seasoned of pros a run for their money on DWTS. This is just her average pre-stage jitters mirror shot. I can’t even figure out how to flip the camera for a selfie.

Image: Witney Carson/Instagram

She's a role model

Witney is my personal favorite because even at her young age, she’s never afraid to share her lady power: “Girls- Be true to who are & embrace what makes you special. Our character, kindness, & humility is what makes each of us beautifully unique. Let’s lift each other up instead of down, we are powerful together! Shine on my babes xx”

Image: Witney Carson/Instagram

A yogi

I’m no yogi myself, but I believe we’d call that a Bakasana variaton. Witney’s Instagram is splashed with proclamations of love for yoga, and it’s no wonder — have you seen her lifts?!

Image: Witney Carson/Instagram

One proud half of team #witfanso

It’s not the catchiest title, but they sure are cute! I’m getting a really good feeling about Witney and Alfonso as a team, and it’s not just because he has that “Carlton dance” up his sleeve… just look at those determined, yet relaxed faces. Yin and yang, those two.

Image: Witney Carson/Instagram

She's a cool aunt

Listen, I don’t know exactly who all these kids are on Witney’s Instagram, but this photo, captioned, “denim gals,” indicated that they’re all pretty big fans of her. From the mouths of babes, ya know?

Image: Witney Carson/Instagram

A 'DWTS' pal

Witney fit right in as soon as she joined DWTS, as evidenced by her quick return to the lineup this season. Her cheery attitude and killer Cha Cha have made her a big hit with the fans and the pros. She’s clearly besties with “the babes,” Mark Ballas and Cheryl Burke. To quote Witney: Shine on, my babes.

Image: Witney Carson/Instagram