Guess What His Screensaver Is?

If I'm being honest, I'd be more likely to join a Justin Bieber Hate Club than a Justin Bieber Fan Club, but I have to admit, his recent antic is pretty damn cute. Instead of starting a fight with an actor or getting arrested for something or another or just generally being a douche bag, Bieber was spotted having a Selena Gomez screensaver on his iPhone. Awwwww.

It was revealed that the pop star has his lady friend as the main pic on his iPhone when someone — presumably a technician at Star Wireless and Repair — posted a video of the phone to Instagram and tagged Bieber in it. The 'gram, unsurprisingly, has since been deleted, but since it's the Internet and all, it will forever live on in screen shots.

Like the majority of the world (besides, you know, his bajillion fans), I think most things Bieber do leave something to be desired — and to be completely frank, I think Selena Gomez could do waaaay better than this yahoo. But there is something inherently adorable about the singer having his girlfriend as his screensaver. It's kind of a reminder that he's just a 20-year-old kid, doing 20-year-old crap — maybe we should just cut him some slack?

Just kidding, no slack ought to be cut for Bieber, but I will go on record saying that I think this is pretty cute. Damn you, Bieber. I hate it when you make me like you.