'Staten Island Summer' Has 'SNL' Roots but It Doesn't Sound that Funny

A Saturday Night Live writer is stepping out in front of the camera for an upcoming movie, and no, it's not John Mulaney. A writer on the show since 2005, and Seth Myers' current co-head writer, Colin Jost will both write and appear in Staten Island Summer . Lorne Michaels will produce the movie, which we assume will be a comedy because of its SNL association and the farce that is Staten Island. Before anyone gets offended, I'm originally from the forgotten borough so I'm pretty sure that means I can make fun of it. So is Jost, apparently, who will be joined by Ashley Greene in the film.

Staten Island Summer will focus on two pool lifeguard who just graduated high school, one preparing to leave for Harvard, the other aimless and confused. Since Jost is a Staten Island native, let's hope that the film has more substance and less tired stereotypes with over-the-top accents. Wait a second, what's that? Greene plays a girl who one of the lifeguards has a crush on, who also happens to be the daughter of a mobster? Never mind. Too late. Get ready for a constantly-cooking Italian mother, plenty of shots of the Ferry, a mafia subplot, pasta-filled family dinners, and let's throw in a cameo from Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino while we're at it.

Oh, Staten Island. You never get any respect and let's be honest, this probably won't help. At best, Staten Island Summer will be a funny little indie that takes a look at the residents of the world's most mocked island. At worst it will be really successful, and do what Jersey Shore did to the Jersey shore. As if the Mob Wives wasn't doing that already.