You Can Now Text Groot!

I'm just gonna throw this out there: We might be taking Groot too far. Maybe. Do I still love me some baby Groot dancing to the Jackson 5? Hell yeah, baby Groot is my forever. Do I also love the full-grown Groot and his oddly soulful CGI eyes? Also definitely yes on that one. Do I think the fact that you can now text Groot and get a response is a logical, productive extension of all that love? Questionable.

You can, though: His number is (866) 740-4531, which according to The Hollywood Reporter has been set up by Ricky Robinett as a bot that responds to all text messages with "I am Groot," in true Groot fashion. You can text him your undying love, you can vent to him about your personal issues or the emotional issues that have led you to venting to a CGI tree bot, you can text him threats, you can text him pictures of One Direction, you can text him emojis or asking whether I should even be referring to him as a tree because hey, do trees even have gender?

The point is: This is a thing you can now do. Go nuts, world. Groot is waiting.

Image: Marvel Studios