Did Janel & Val Live to Love Another Day?

It's always hard to be the first couple to leave Dancing With the Stars, but on Tuesday's results show we learned that Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy will live to dance another day. This is extra good news considering the couple seem to be forging a relationship on the show. In fact they even look to be our new Maks and Meryl, so maybe this win is foreshadowing how they'll take the competition by storm and win the whole thing.

And if Monday night and their lovey-dovey Instagram posts weren't enough to prove their budding hidden love, Tuesday's behind-the-scenes shots brought us even more proof that Parrish and Chmerkovskiy are meant to be. It turns out that Parrish was a little upset with the couple's score of 29 points out of 40. "I'm not happy because you're not happy," Chmerkovskiy said backstage, looking upset that he couldn't cheer Parrish up. "I just thought it would be better," she said.

But don't worry Parrish, you're around for one more week and Chmerkovskiy is dedicated to getting you the score that you want. "We'll work towards a better score," he assured her, giving her a hug. His pep talk seemed to work because Parrish nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I love you," she said.

I know that was probably a friendly use of the word, but still. They're perfect together and we've only seen them together for a few minutes. Just imagine the chemistry an entire season of dancing can bring us. So fortunately they made it through to next week and we'll get to see their relationship develop and more of their killer dancing skills.

Image: ABC